Doing the firewalk: step on glowing coals

After a brief spell of mental preparation the participants walk over glowing coals. The fire ist build up and lit by the participants.

Goals of the training:
The participants get to know and learn how to apply the methods of mental preparation for a special event or a special challenge. The walk over glowing coals is thematically integrated within the concept of your event.

Mental training, visualisation, laughter yoga, movement games, NLP, trust building exercises, walking over broken glass

Welcoming the participants, presentation
Structuring of a mental training session for the presentation
Anchor, visualization, recognizing barriers, developing a strategy to overcome barriers, rounding off the mental training script, visualisation, anchor

Rolf Iven is providing the firewalk as open training and as event for incentives and workshops. Rolf Iven ist the two-times Guinness-World-Record-Holder in walking over hot plates

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